Baku Shipyard

Ship building

Crude Oil Tanker

On the 18 November 2016, Baku, Azerbaijan – Baku Shipyard LLC (Baku Shipyard) secured a contract from “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC, build a two Crude Oil tankers .

The project’s designer is Ukraine’s Marine Engineering Bureau.

On the 26 Of September 2017, at Baku Shipyard LLC was held the strike steel ceremony of the two new oil tankers, being built for Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company CJSC.

The construction of ships is planned to be completed by March 2019.

Self-propelled tanker with 6 cargo tanks for carrying of crude oil and petroleum products with density up to 1.015 t/m3, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash-point, ensuring temperature of carrying cargo up to 50ºС.

Providing simultaneous carriage of 2 (two) sorts of cargo.

Steel, single-deck vessel, with two full-rotated rudder propellers, with forecastle and poop, with aft engine

room and deckhouses, with six cargo tanks and two slop tanks, with double bottom, double sides and trunk

deck in cargo tanks area, with cylindrical bow and transom astern, with bow thruster (BT).

Principal dimension:

Length overall, LOA                                            141.00m

Length between Perpendiculars, LBP                  137.10m

Breadth Moulded                                                   16.90m

Depth Moulded                                                        6.00m

Draft at sea                                                                4.54m

Draft in river                                                             3.60m

DWT                                                                8009/5580 t

Tank volume                                                         9190 m3

Ship crew                                                       11/14 + pilot

Vessel Speed                                                           10knots

Main engine power                                        2×1200 kWt

КМ Ice1 R2-RSN(4,5) АUT1-ICS VCS ECO-S OMBO Oil tanker (ESP)