Baku Shipyard

Ship building


Socar-1 designed and built as steel hull, twin screw tug boat equipped with two diesel propulsion engines totally 400 PS and two 360 degree steerable propellers with nozzles and engaged in berthing and unbrething for a ship in the harbor and towage in coastal waters.  Now the vessel is under balance of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” JSV and makes towing works for big vessels, barges in Caspian Sea. Vessel capable of performing towage, assistance, berthing of large containerships, bulk carriers, VLCC’s in the ports with capability for fire-fighting and oil pollution control. The new tug is expected to be used to support Baku’s new port and its operations.

Principal dimension:

Length overall, LOA: 30.00m
Length W.L.: 25.10m
Breadth Moulded: 0.50m
Depth Moulded at ½ L: 4.90m
Draft summer (from skeg bottom): 4.20m
Draft summer (from Hull Moulded BL): 3.80m
Gross Tonnage: < 400t


Owner: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic Builder: Baku Shipyard LLC Designer: Marine Technology Development PTE Ltd.   Vessel capable of performing towage, assistance, berthing of large container ships, bulk carriers, VLCC’s in the ports with capability for fire-fighting and oil pollution control.

Principal Particulars


No Description By design On place
1 Length O.A (without fender) 30.00 m 30.00 m
2 Length W.L. 25.10 m 25.10 m
3 Breadth Moulded 10.50 m 10.50 m
4 Depth Moulded at 1/2L 4.90 m 4.90 m
5 Draft Mld 3.80 m 3.80 m
6 Complement 12 per 9 per
7 Gross Tonnage <400 t 372 t

Tank Capacities


No Description By design On place
1 Fuel Oil (SG 0.870) 120 m3 120 m3
2 Fresh Water (SG 1.000) 40.0 m3 40.0 m3
3 Lub Oil (SG 0.924) 7.0 m3 7.0 m3
4 Bilge Holding (SG 1.025) 10.0 m3 10.0 m3
5 Ballast Water (SG 1.025) 35.0 m3 35.0 m3
6 Foam (SG 1.110) 11 m3 11 m3

Classification Notation

By design: KM* Tug By Fact: KM* R2 (Fire fighting capability)   The vessel is constructed in round bilge form with bilge keels. The hull is divided into six(6) watertight compartments. They are as follow:

  1. Aft Peak/Water Ballast Tank
  2. Propeller Room
  3. Engine Room
  4. Chain Locker/Fuel Oil Tanks/Lube Oil Tank
  5. Void Space
  6. Fore Peak/Water Ballast Tank

The vessel is single bottom construction except partial double bottom construction in way of double bottom tank.   Plate thickness and section modulus of scantlings of hull and superstructure are built in accordance with specification:

No Description By design On place
1 Sheer strake 15mm 15mm
2 Shell plate 10mm 10mm
3 Exposed deck 8mm 8mm
4 Sea chest boundary insert 12mm 12mm
5 Propeller well boundary insert 15mm 15mm
6 Tank top 8mm 8mm
7 Within superstucture 6mm 6mm
8 Wheelhouse bhd plating 8mm 8mm
9 Chainlocker bhd and bottom plating 12mm 12mm


Particulars of Engines

Two marine diesel main engines are installed onboard, each driving a rudder propeller unit with fixed propeller, fitted inside a nozzle, via shaft with flexible coupling. Power take off drive is provided at the free end of the port main engine to drive the external fire-fighting pump. Engines are designed to operate on marine gas oil class A2.

No.of Engines Description Make When made No. of Cylinders BHP
Two (2) Vertical, single acting 4-valves, 4-cycle trunk piston type turbo charger and charge air cooler diesel engine NIIGATA6L26HLX ZP-31 MART 2013 SIX(6) 2039PSX2

Characteristics of gensets

The three (3) generator sets are installed in engine room. Each consists of an A.C. generator with a built in auto voltage regulator. The generators are driven by diesel engines. The engines are air started and stopped from a control panel mounted near the respective engine and inside silent room. The generators are fitted out for parallel use.

No.of Gensets Vendor Capacity Voltage Phase Frequency
Three (3) Volvo Penta 86 kW 380 V AC 3 phase 50 Hz


The accommodation is arranged for a crew of nine (9), due to request of Owner during the vessel’s construction. Accomodation and wheelhouse are of good standard, well appointed and designated for living under Caspian Sea conditions. All accommodation spaces, including control room/bridge are air-conditioned. Materials used are approved by Owner and certificates were provided. Living quarters are arranged as indicated on the GA plan.

Anchor Windlass/Towing Winch and Towing Winch

One (1) anchor windlass/towing winch is installed on the forward deck and one (1) aft towing winch is installed on the aft deck.

Hydraulic Towing Winch

  1.  Drum capacity – 600m x dia.44mm SWR @ 12 layers
  2.  Rated Pull (1st layer) – 6T x 0~20 m/min (Low speed) 2.5T x 0~50 m/min (High speed)
  3. Brake Holding – 120T (static, 1st layer)

Hydraulic Anchor Windlass/Towing Winch

  1. Drum capacity – 200m x 100mm dia.44mm (P.P. Rope)@ 6 layer
  2. Rated Pull (1st layer) – 5T x 0~25 m/min (1st speed) 2.5T x 0~50 m/min (2nd speed)
  3. Brake Holding – 120T (static, 1st layer)